iSkin aesthetic lifestyle provides world-class services that caters to all types of skin, age and gender. With top of the line medical aesthetic procedures, iSkin will address and help you gain the confidence you need to face the world with better skin and body the way you envision it. 


Forever Young 
Make people wonder. Make them guest your age. With all the medical advancements and scientific breakouts, there’s no more excuse to have wrinkle. Fine lines, sagging skin and radiate timeless beauty and perfection. iSkin offers safe, non-invasive anti-aging and face sculpting treatment to help you look 10 years younger.

Get rid of fine lines, wrinkles, pores and sagging skin and all visible sign of stress and skin aging. You’re one step away from achieving the supple, firmer and youthful skin and radiating timeless beauty and perfection.










Weightloss & Contour



Find your inner and outer beauty at iSkin. Loose those unwanted bulges and unwanted body fat an unveil your leaner and sexier body. iSkin’s unique range of safe, non-invasive weight loss and body sculpting, treatments and programs ensure fast and effective results with no downtime.

Melt away your insecurities. Lose weight fast, safe and effortlessly. Get rid of unwanted bulges and excess fat and wear your little black dress confidently, flaunting toned arms, slender legs and perfect silhouette.








Skin Whitening & Perfection

Be flawless vibrant and beautiful. Say goodbye to acne, scars, and skin pigmentation. With iSkin’s state-of-the-art technology and the finest on beauty science, glow and reveal your inner beauty and be the most beautiful you can be.

Unveil your inner goddess and be loved, envied, and admired. iSkin specializes in reducing fine lines, smoothing out uneven texture, diminishing dark spots and giving the skin a healthy vibrant glow. Regain your skins youthful radiance and clarity. Achieving whiter, brighter, complexion is made easier with iSkin. Safe non-invasive skincare treatments and programs tailored-made by a licensed practitioner for your skin type.